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Seattle is a beautiful metro area on the northwest coast of the United States. This is an area which tourists from around the world to see. After visiting, many make the decision to move here for the scenery, the weather, and the unique cultural feel. This site has been created to help you find the Seattle home that you have been looking for. The homes in Seattle are built in all sizes, styles, and shapes and come in a wide range of prices. From starter homes to elaborate mansions, from condominiums to houses, Seattle has it all.

To get acquainted with this site and the services that will provide you will unlimited access to homes in Seattle, read the information found on each page and then begin your search of homes for sale in Seattle, Washington.

Seattle WA Quick Info

Seattle, WA is located on the West Coast and is the largest city in the Northwestern United States with the Seattle metropolitan area being home to 3.4 million inhabitants. Many consider Seattle a “town of neighborhoods” due to the large number of cities that have merged to make Seattle the populous area that it is today. To read about more about the specific areas of Seattle, please visit the Seattle WA neighborhoods page.

Seattle is the largest city in the Northwestern United States and the 15th largest metropolitan area in the country. Seattle is a huge seaport, the 6th busiest in the United States, and serves as a major gateway for trade with Asia.

The most recognizable landmark in Seattle is the Space Needle. Standing as one of the highest buildings on the west coast, it has a unique design unlike any other building.

Seattle Relocating

This is your guide to Home Finding, Lender Finding, and Relocating. Our goal is to make your relocation experience smooth and stress free. Regardless of what you are looking for, Seattle Homes for Sale can help you, step-by-step, until you have found the perfect Seattle home or piece of Seattle real estate.

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When you begin searching on the site, you will be prompted to register. At that time you will enable many features on this site, and you will also be contacted by us, the PickettStreet team of Keller Williams realtors to see if there is anything we can assist you with, and by our lender Jeff Brown. This is all done to make your house hunting easy from, when you get your keys, and beyond that.

Seattle Culture

Seattle is an active city where residents are educated and work hard, and also know how to kick back relax, and have fun. Throughout the day you will see citizens who are out exercising on their rollerblades, running, or cycling through one of the hundreds of miles.

Seattle has several nicknames. It is known as the Emerald City because of how green it is year round. Also known as Jet City as it is the worldwide leader in aerospace technology and manufacturing. The arts, media, tourism and professional sports have an important place in Seattle’s history.

Seattle Activities

Seattle is an area of unlimited activities and attractions. If you move here and want a fun activity which your family will remember for years to come, here are some fantastic Seattle options:

There are dozens of parks throughout the metro which have great activities for your family to enjoy. Some of the most popular are Kerry Park and Discovery Park.

Pikes Place Market is a place which every visitor and local must become familiar with. This area gives you a throwback feel of commerce, battering, and liveliness. Pikes Place is the embodiment of what Seattle is really all about.

Want another fun activity? Take a ferry! Go visit one of the Forts nearby, or enjoy a day activity in Gig Harbor.

Seattle Economy

Seattle currently has a strong economy which is backed by a highly educated work force, strong manufacturing, and a great tourism and entertainment industry.

Three years ago Seattle’s median income was $59,000, which is approximately 15% higher than the median income of the United States. Seattle’s income distribution among races follows the U.S.

Seattle is a city which makes transportation slick. With I-5, Seattle residents can quickly be on the road to just about anywhere in the United States. Residents can make their commute home from work quick as well by taking the Central Link rail system, or State Route 99 which is under works to be placed in an underground tunnel.

Seattle Real Estate Market

In 2005, the median home price of real estate was $325,000. In 2007 prices sharply inclined as they reach $425,000 for the median home sale price. This exaggerated number was part of the housing bubble which shortly after collapsed. This made it smarter for new home owners to let their homes foreclose. Today the results of that are still felt, as home prices are back to where they were in 2005, the difference today is how low interest rates are. Prices which have dropped to where they were nearly a decade ago, and low interest rates makes this best time for purchasing homes in Seattle.

Homes in Seattle
Seattle offers and array of housing options starting at reasonably low prices. Find a Seattle home or condo in Seattle that fits your price range, or make an excellent investment in a Seattle short-sale home or Seattle foreclosure.
Regardless of what you are looking for, Seattle Homes for Sale can help you, step-by-step, until you have found the perfect Seattle home or piece of Seattle real estate.

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