Seattle Real Estate – Current Condition

Posted by on October 5, 2012 in Real Estate | Comments Off on Seattle Real Estate – Current Condition

Seattle has long been a strong economy to live in, and amid the turmoil elsewhere, Seattle remains strong. The strength of the economy in Seattle and the housing market is thanks to companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, and the many bip-tech companies which have been consistently hiring for many years. Because of this, Seattle has been bucking the trend of downward housing prices, but has seen steady gains in prices and costs.

Does the trend appear to be slowing down? Not at all. Multiple offers are being many on individual listings, showing the market is healthy and that there is a strong continual demand for real estate. Some buyers are getting outbid on as many as a half dozen homes until they are finally the buyer who is accepted.

While location is key, homes over one million dollars typically get much fewer offers, due to the decrease in demand and the owners who are willing to sit on them longer until they actually sell. Even still, in some cases real estate priced above $1,000,000 are also having multiple offers.

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