Summer Moving Tips

Posted by on February 27, 2013 in Real Estate | Comments Off on Summer Moving Tips

Have you decided if you will hire a moving company or do it on your own?

If you have already decided to do it on your own, you have to be sure that you have all the supplies need for the packing, a big vehicle to carry all your stuff, insurance for your stuff in case an accident happens on the road, and so on.  Perhaps you are still thinking if you are going to do it full serve, partial serve or a do-it-yourself move.

Remember that your decision still depends on several factors like your household size, lifestyle, preparation time, and your budget.  Since it’s not yet summer, it’s never too late to get written quotes from your top three trusted moving companies.

Do you know where to put your things in your new house?

You might have visited your new house, but sometimes our memory cannot be trusted.  We might think that one furniture could fit but end up making a room too crowded with all our furniture.  Try to take photos of each room in your new home and sit down with your family and plan which furniture goes to which room.  With this you know what to do during the big day and you will save time thinking where to put your stuff.

Summer is considered the busiest time for moving.  And if you already have a schedule to move this coming summer, you need to consider just a few things to help your move run smoothly.  Give yourself ample time to pack all your stuff.  It’s not a good idea to bring everything from your old house to your new house.  This means you need to start packing early so you have all the time sorting all your stuff and surely you will discover that not everything should go with you because some needs to be donated, given to your friends, recycle, or sell.