Seattle Lots and Land

On this page, all of the building properties and large plots of land are listed. Many people buy land or lots in order to build their own homes or to practice one of their hobbies. Often times, these lots are used for small farms. To read more about the different kinds of lots and land, please close the collapsable box and continue reading.

Seattle Lots and Land for Sale

To view every piece of land and every lot that is currently available please view Seattle Lots and Land for Sale.

Before you start looking at land, it may be helpful to know a little more about it. There are two kinds of There are 2 types of land: Improved and unimproved. Improved land in a real estate is generally a land that has certain utilities and services available to it. These includes telephone, water, electricity and etc. Multiple listing service rules differ by area concerning whether all or some portion of these services would allow the land to be listed as improved. Unimproved land in a real estate is just the opposite of improved land. It does not have certain basic required services necessary to utilize it for other purposes such as electricity, water, telephone and street access. When listed in multiple listing services, generally the absence of electricity and telephone will cause the property to be listed as unimproved, even though there is road or street service to it.