Broadway Seattle Homes for Sale

Broadway District is now more commonly known as Capitol Hill, and so much of this same information can be found on the Capitol Hill page. This area is one of the most densely populated residential areas in all of Seattle, Washington. It is located just east of the city’s central business district, perched on a steep hill and was part of “original Seattle.” The Broadway District is one of the highest points in Seattle, and many of the homes are placed on steep streets and hills.

The Broadway District is not dominated by one certain type of home and consequently, you can find nearly any size and price of home in the Broadway District. The Broadway District boasts some of Seattles most elegant mansions as well as being home to modest studio apartments. Sometimes these two extremes are even seen side by side.

Broadway District Seattle Real Estate

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Capitol Hill is home to the most prominent night life in Seattle as well as a large amount of entertainment opportunities. If you like an active and exciting community, Capitol Hill will be a community for you! Many bars in Capitol Hill host live music and there are numerous fringe theaters. It is not uncommon for enthusiastic people to fill the streets enjoying diverse entertainment and culture of openness and acceptance. It is also the center of the counterculture communities. Gays and lesbians are welcomed and at home in this community.

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