Columbia City Real Estate

Columbia City has recently seen an overhaul in the makeup of the neighborhood. What was once low income has quickly been replaced by high income residents making it a suddenly very desirable area to live. The neighborhood is perfect for enjoying family time outdoors and for taking a nice evening stroll or morning jog.

Though the area has seen this rise, real estate is still relatively very affordable, making Columbia City one of the smartest purchase decisions in the Seattle metro. The median cost of a home in Columbia City is surprisingly low, matching the rest of Seattle at just over $300,000.

Columbia City, Seattle Home Listings

Columbia City has a few dozen homes for sale on the market right now. Not all of them could fit below, so we provide listings which have been posted within the last three months. View details about older listings by following this link to Columbia City Homes

Columbia City is home to the beautiful Genesee Park (which according to history was actually a dump location just 50 years ago). The park is equipped with several play grounds, walking trails, bird viewing, and stadium lighting for evening time sports.

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