Homes for Sale in Fremont Seattle

Fremont is a neighborhood in eastern Seattle, north of Queen Anne and east of Ballard. Fremont doesn’t have fixed boundaries, but its implied boundaries would consist of the Ship Canal to the south, Stone Way N to the east, N 50th Street to the north, and 8th Avenue to the west.

There are many different homes for sale in Fremont Seattle. From condos and townhomes, to starter houses and luxury homes, Fremont will have a house that meets your needs.

Fremont Seattle Real Estate

Fremont is a very interesting community with a sense of humor. Facetious signs dot the town. For example, on their welcome sign, Fremont refers to itself as “The Center of the Universe.” there are also signs with helpful advice, such as “Set your watch ahead five minutes”, “Set your watch back five minutes” and “Throw your watch away.” It also has very different annual events. The most highly attended of these is the Summer Solstice Parade & Pageant, which has made Fremont famous for its painted nude Solstice Cyclists.

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