Northgate Seattle Homes for Sale

Northgate is an informal district of neighborhoods in the northern part of Seattle, named for Northgate Mall, near the center of the district. A few of the neighborhoods that make up Northgate include Haller Lake, Pinehurst, and Maple Leaf. Each of these has characteristics that are unique to it, but many of their features are very similar as well. The Northgate mall (which is in the Maple Leaf neighborhood) was one of the very first regional shopping centers to be called a mall.

Northgate Seattle Real Estate

There are many big projects currently underway in Northgate. There has veen a large amount of residential and commercial development in the past few years. While there is a lot of commerce in the area, there are not very many hotels. There are current;y only two upscale hotels in this area. In 2006, a new park, library , and community center opened across from the mall, and the mall itself was remodeled, adding dozens of shops.

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