Wedgwood Real Estate in Seattle

Wedgwood (also incorrectly spelled, and known as Wedgewood) is a friendly, middle class neighborhood on the northeast side of Seattle with some nice shopping and great opportunities for real estate purchasing.

Being close to the Puget Sound, there are beautiful walking and bicycling paths nearby, as well as parks which the family can enjoy. Children in the Wedgwood neighborhood attend the Wedgwood Elementary School. Many residents here have a quick commute to the University of Washington, which lies just about two miles south.

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Wedgwood Real Estate

Most of the homes in Wedgwood were designed as Cape Cod home style, and sell today from right around $300,000, but many highly improved homes sell for as much as $450,000.

Wedgwood development took off during the 1940’s, as housing needed to be provided for defense workers of World War II. This is why many of the homes have a similar mid 40’s look.

As baby boomers of the 1940’s now retire and move out of Wedgwood, the area is receiving somewhat a facelift. As younger families move in, they bring extra vitality with them which adds to the overall energy and atmosphere of Wedgwood.

One area of Wedgwood was once occupied by homes, but is now the 80th Street Playfield. The homes were constructed on a boggy area, and after sewer lines were installed the homes began sinking. Facing inevitable disaster, the city purchased the homes and turned the area into the park.

Shopping in Wedgwood today is mainly along the 35th Avenue, with most stores being located between NE 7th Street and NE 85th Street. Many of these stores have the classic small market feel, as well as a mix of modern superstores.

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